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How to get started…
If you love to dance and perform and would like to enjoy yourself here on SexyJoker, please do the following… first, you should know that SexyJoker is a partner in the Streamate webcam network. If you are currently working as a camgirl or flirting with the idea of becoming a camgirl, you probably know about Streamate and are aware it is one of the oldest and most established webcam networks in the industry. Our relationship with Streamate goes back 12 years. We know them to be honest and trustworthy and rely on them for timely payroll or commission payments to webcam models on a weekly basis. Important: See also “Camgirl Affiliates and FAQ”.

You get started with SexyJoker by applying to be a “direct” webcam model through Streamate models. Why do we emphasize the word “direct”? Because the webcam business is still filled with middlemen who take money from every paycheck you earn for doing virtually nothing. Many websites who recruit and sign-up models are actually “middleman” agents or studios. In the early days of webcam work, they may have supplied girls with a physical work station, a computer, high-speed internet and some training… but these days most girls entering the business have all the resources they need to work on their own. So, agents and studios have become mostly obsolete and unnecessary.

The best way for the very vast majority of girls doing webcam work is to directly contract with the company who is the ultimate owner, operator and source for their service which in this case is Streamate. Streamate pays you directly and there is no one between you and them who gets any of the money you earn. Apply here.

You could be dancing for dollars in less than a day…
If you are currently a webcam model with Streamate you do not need to do anything else, and everything between you and Streamate will remain the same. Additionally, your payment status will not be affected at all. You will continue to do everything that you have been doing in terms of logging into your chat room and collecting your pay. Essentially, you can start immediately as a model dancer with SexyJoker. All that you need to do when you are actually working is to open a second browser while broadcasting from your chat room. You will need to hear the music on SexyJoker, and the second browser enables this. Everything else that needs to happen… we handle on our end.

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Otherwise, a change in attitude or outlook is probably the only other thing that might be in order for you. Because as of now, instead of being an ordinary camgirl on Streamate, you are now a club-type dancer on SexyJoker. You can switch back and forth whenever and as often as you want to… because the only real difference is your approach and execution in front of your webcam.

If you are new to camming, follow the instructions at Streamate Models, complete their forms and make every effort to submit your documentation (Photo ID and Model Release) as quickly as possible. The sign-up process is really quite simple and easy. Most girls are approved to log into their virtual chat rooms within a day.
IMPORTANT: If you intend to sign-up as a SexyJoker model dancer, or use our music-based platform, please email us so that we can begin to promote your appearances on the site. Simply provide your screen name and an update on your status… and that could be “application pending”, “newly approved” and “ready to begin” or “a current Streamate model” who wants to focus on dancing.

How to use the SexyJoker dancers’ platform…
When you are camming as a dancer on SexyJoker you will need to always have two browsers open on your computer. You will open one browser to access your chat room and broadcast your video stream. You will open a second browser to accommodate viewing and hearing the SexyJoker website. The music you are dancing to and hearing now is heard only through the SexyJoker website. You should be listening and dancing to the music on SexyJoker so that your chat room visitors enjoy the full effect of your dancing in synch with the music.

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Visitors to your chat room who are not viewing it through the SexyJoker website will certainly see you dancing, but will not hear the music. If they ask you about the music you are dancing to… tell them you are dancing in your chat room on SexyJoker and they should watch you there for the best experience. This will benefit both you and your paycheck.

Make more money with our camgirl affiliate program.
Any Streamate camgirl who decides to put some amount of focus on dancing will naturally do some self-promotion and push her appearances here on SexyJoker. We believe they should be rewarded for their contributions to the growth and expansion of the site. Therefore, we will automatically include all camgirls who establish a presence on the site in our partner program… something like a profit sharing benefit where a camgirl can financially prosper from merchandise sales, affiliate revenues and all cam show profits. We estimate this will amount to a 10% bonus for all girls for doing tasks as simple as tweeting or including links to their SexyJoker page from Facebook and other social media accounts. Sign-up for the Affiliate Program here.

Apply to be an online model dancer here.

Contact us at if you have questions or need help.